Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Presentation on Penny Weights


1.       What would one cent piece weigh?
a.       3.11 grams 1909
2.       What would 1908 cent weigh?
a.       3.11 grams
3.       What would 1793 cent weigh?
a.       Coinfacts.com
b.      13.48 grams
c.       1793= 100% copper penny
4.       3.11 g 1864-1909 Indian head pennies

Reflection of presentation: 
-I believe our group lacked in leadership and overall determination to do well on the project. I don't believe everyone in the group was willing to work on it, and didn't take it seriously. Most group members did take the time to get together and work on the project, but it wasn't enough to get the type of results that we wanted.

Blog Post 15: Entrepreneurship

The career path that I have planned out for myself is to be a Physician’s Assistant (PA), more specifically working in the operating room with surgeons. I believe it is a  great career choice for me, it fits my lifestyle and my interests perfectly. I am able to go into many different types of fields while being a PA. I also am able to move about without restriction. I can go from surgery to family practice, to cardiology, with no hesitation because we are prepared for all categories.

After learning a bit about being a businessperson and being an entrepreneur, I believe I would want to be an entrepreneur. My interpretation of being an entrepreneur was being able to work how you want to work, not necessarily the exact hours that you want, but work hours that you are comfortable with, and not working because others need you to. I also find being an entrepreneur is to have financial freedom and living comfortably, rather than pay check to pay check. I also would like to start a family someday, so being an entrepreneur is also the better pick, because I will be able to live a comfortable life, with hours that I can manage, and still spend lots of time with my family. However, just like we talked about in class, right now, and probably for the next five to ten years, I may not be living the entrepreneur lifestyle as much as the businessperson lifestyle. I have school to get through, paying off school, and just working to get myself a base to work up from. I know eventually, I will be living the entrepreneur lifestyle rather than businessperson’s lifestyle.

I believe that my PDP is very well in line with my thoughts and goals for my career path. My PDP addresses very clearly what I want to do for a career and a timeline in which I want to do it in. It doesn’t describe everything about living comfortably, but that is topic of general knowledge I believe and also relative.
At this very moment, it’s difficult to see what things I could change in order to become an entrepreneur. The reasons for that are mainly because of college and being the typical “poor college student.” So the financial freedoms as well as the setting my own hours can’t be improved upon all that much. What can be improved is my overall mind set. I know that I can be an entrepreneur, but convincing myself and doing the work is the biggest obstacle that is in my way. I also think that acquiring more information about how to get into PA school, and what PA school is like would benefit me and help prepare me for what is to come.

In my opinion, being an entrepreneur is not just starting and owning your own business. I believe it is being able to make yourself happy. It’s putting yourself in a good, comfortable life. Surrounding yourself with people that you enjoy the most and that can only help you improve your life, and ridding yourself of the ones that slow you down and want to drag you down. I think it is a fundamental concept to surround yourself with people that want to help you and for you to help them and not put yourself in situations that impede you from your goals and happiness.

Post 14 Lean Process

For my lean process I chose to organize and categorize my desk items. On my desk I had pens, note pads, and cords all over. Obviously I had to move things around and clear space every time I needed to get work done. So, I neatly organized my items by placing them into their proper drawer or shelf. This way, I know where my items are, I’m not digging through things and shoving things out of the way to get things done. This is a waste of time and it adds frustration to something that is already difficult. All my cords are wrapped up nicely and placed in a drawer, tucked away so they don’t come undone unless I pull them out. My pens and pencils are in a nice holder on the shelf and a couple in my drawer for spares. Overall, this all will help me become more efficient and not be frustrated with the clutter of my desk.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Post #13 Criteria for Evaluation

The following criteria will be used to evaluate my group members on our final project.  Each member will be ranked in numerical order (based off of this criteria) with the exception of myself.  

1.      Participation: 

a.       researching topics
b.      adding to the conversation
c.       asking questions
d.      attendance in group meeting and class
2.      Contributions 
a.       quality effort
3.      Tasks accomplished
a.       follow the timeline established by the group
4.      Professionalism Posts
5.      Communication

Post #11: Quality Management

The occupation that is of interest to me is Physician's Assistant (PA). PA's work within in hospitals or clinics usually and work under doctors. Quality Management is assessed in a number of ways; first, regulatory inspection. Hospitals are constantly inspected for up to date, sterile, and proper working equipment and supplies. Public satisfaction surveys are another way that PA's and Physician's found out their quality of work. Third-party assessment is one last way that they can asses quality. They can hire a company to assess or a company will on their own measure the quality of the hospital and supply the information to the company.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post 12: 5s Process

1. Sorting (Seiri)
I utilized this method by eliminating garbage and any unused tools and materials, such as; papers, pens and pencils.

2. Straightening or setting order (Seiton)
I also put items in specific areas in an organized fashion, so I now know exactly I can find things when I need them. Each tool like pencils, pens, books, stickynotes, everything found a more efficient place in my desk area.

3. Systematic Cleaning (Seiso)
My parents have always told me that it is easier to keep something clean than to get it clean. So, I am going to practice systematic cleaning. I did dust my desk for the photo

4. Standardizing (Seiketsu)
I am going to work on keeping my desk organized and usable. This way, everyone will find it easily to use my desk (If that should happen).

5. Sustaining the Discipline of the Self Discipline (Shitsuke)
I feel this is very similar to #4. I will do my best to maintain my desk's cleanliness and organization.

6. Safety
As for safety, I reorganized my wires and cords for my desk. It can be pretty nasty, which could lead to an accident of some kind.

7. Security
It's easy to not have things organized, just like my cords, which can cause accidents. I've tripped over them, yanked them out of the wall, pulling stuff off my desk. This can cost me money and effect my mood. So to prevent that is a very good thing.

8. Satisfaction
I am happy to see that my desk is clean and organized. I know that I will be able to be more efficient when doing my studies and other activities.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post 9 Project Title, Issue and Action Plan

Finding/designing a medical devise or treatment to combat COPD 
The following is how the initial research is being broken up. We will be meeting with Dr. Ruth the first week of Nov. to go over our findings 
·         Pathogenesis of COPD
·         Reversibility or ways to slow the progression of COPD
·         When is O2 needed
·         Primary causes of COPD
·         Impact on patients quality of life
·         Common patient complaints related to COPD
·          What helps with the disease (treatments, drugs)
·         What exacerbates the disease
Kevin K:
·         Pathophysiology of COPD
Kevin O:
·         What happens to the lungs and surrounding organs
·         What is happening to the Alveoli on an anationical  and cellular level
·         What part of the lungs are affected and how does this differ in different patients
·         Incidence and Prevalence
·         What organ systems are involved
·         What is happing to the bronchi on an anationical and cellular level
·         What part of the disease makes the patients feel ill